About Us

Shandong Joysource furniture co., LTD is a professional company in the aspect of manufacturing, sales, after-sales service. After years of development, our company has become one of the most powerful and potential furniture factory company in China.

Joysource wood industry has Korean furniture, European furniture, engineering furniture and other categories of home products, including LED TV cabinets, side cabinets; Wardrobe, cabinets and other exported to Europe, the United States,in the Middle East and others, more than 30 countries and regions. Every month we have dozens of new products come into the market, are pursued and appreciated by consumers. With precise market positioning and excellent artistic vision, the management has created a market and become the forerunner of excellent board furniture in China. At present, the company has the scale: independent assembly line, 6000 square meters of factory warehouse and excellent logistics and transportation system.

About Joysource


Today, with the vigorous development of e-commerce, the senior management of company has the foresight and determination to reverse the strategic goal. In 2009, we have created three distinctive furniture stores in “Ali international”. Believe in the near future, Joysource board furniture can become a fresh force above furniture market.
The Joysource wood industry besides sets up the workshop production own wood industry brand, also maintains the good long-term cooperation relations with the multitudefactory, the direct link up, does not exist any middleman. Therefore, we can promise the most affordable and honest price to our customers. “There is no lowest price, only lower, no best quality, only better” has always been our sales strategy. With its innovative home style, environmental quality, fine workmanship, functional varieties and meticulous and thoughtful service, the products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions, the annual sales of 30 million, favored by the majority of consumers. At present is actively expanding more overseas

 business, Joysource will be a new attitude to dominate the furniture market.
The company has been “customer first, employee second, profit third” Joysource spirit of the development of home products. Push the enterprise brand to the front row of the domestic furniture well-known brand! Continue to provide a better home life options for happy family.